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A La Mode Shoppe Supports The Teal Pumpkin Project!

Our manager Lisamarie Parks here at a la mode shoppe shared this wonderful sentiment.
We wanted to share it with you.
No I don’t have a peanut/tree nut allergy. 
No I don’t have any kids. 
No I won’t even be home to give out treats for Halloween. 
No I’m not sure if it’s normal to use wall paint on pumpkins. 
My story is a little different. 
I work in a nut free facility (that even offers dairy free options) and seeing the smiles and tears of happiness on both children and parents faces the moment they walk in and know that EVERYTHING is safe has made the last couple of months the best they have ever been in my life! 
This year my goal is not only to bring awareness to the #tealpumpkinproject but food allergy awareness itself. 
These little babies are my work in progress but something I can honestly hold my head up high about. 
With every like and every question on social media in regards to this picture is one more person educated and that’s the greatest “treat” this girl could ask for this Halloween!
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